Maximizing Blackjack Profits: Advanced Counting Techniques

Master the advanced technique of card counting in Blackjack to maximize your profits at the casino, with our beginner’s guide to the ‘Hi-Lo’ counting system.

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You’ve grasped the basics of Blackjack. You’re familiar with stand, hit, double down, and split. But that’s just the beginning. To truly excel at this game and walk away from the table with a grin and heftier pockets, you must conquer the more advanced strategy, particularly counting cards.

Mastering Card Counting:

Card counting is not illegal, contrary to popular belief. However, casinos aren’t too fond of card counters as it gives players an advantage. But here’s the catch – it’s difficult, highly sophisticated and requires your complete attention every second of the game.

The concept of card counting is relatively straightforward: it’s a strategy that involves tracking the ratio of high to low cards left in the deck. This practice could potentially inform the player when the odds naturally swing in their favor.

Most card counting techniques follow this basic principle but differ in terms of complexity and accuracy. For this reason, we will focus on the ‘Hi-Lo’ technique, regarded as one of the easiest but relatively effective counting systems. It assigns a point value to each card type:

  • High cards (10s, Jacks, Queens, Kings, Aces): -1
  • Mid cards (7, 8, 9): 0
  • Low cards (2-6): +1

As the dealer deals the cards, your job is to keep a running ‘count’ based on the values of the cards that you see. This count allows you to assess when the deck is rich in high cards, which historically favor the player more than the dealer.

Imagine you’re at a Blackjack table, and the game has just begun. The dealer gives out a King, a two, a seven, an eight, and an Ace. According to the Hi-Lo system your count would be: -1 +1 +0 +0 -1, so -1 overall.

Stepping Up Your Game: The Art of Card Counting

So, you fancy yourself a Blackjack player, but are you in it to win it? If yes, unlocking the advanced technique of card counting might be your ticket to maximizing Blackjack profits. Fear not, it isn’t as daunting as it seems. Although complex, with careful practice, it becomes second nature.

Understanding Card Counting

Card counting is a strategic technique used in Blackjack to gauge whether the upcoming hand will be a probable advantage to the player or the dealer. Players keep track of the proportion of high to low cards, which influences betting decisions and playing strategy. Remember, it’s not illegal! However, use it unobtrusively to avoid catching the casino’s attention.

Delving Into the Hi-Lo Counting System

Among the various card counting techniques, the Hi-Lo system is a balanced and straightforward strategy. Devised by Harvey Dubner, it categorises each card with a value:

  • High-value cards (10s through Aces): -1
  • Neutral cards (7, 8, 9): 0
  • Low-value cards (2 through 6): +1

Mastering Card Counting

Becoming a proficient card counter under the Hi-Lo system takes practice. Start by reading and dealing the cards at home, and hone your counting skills. To become more proficient, aim to calculate the total swiftly for you to react to your count effectively during game-play.

The Hi-Lo system brings an additional layer of decision-making to the game. A positive count indicates an abundance of high-value cards, which favours the player over the dealer. During this time, consider increasing your bet size to leverage the optimal card scenario.

Just as strategic bluffing in poker can lead to significant gains, so can card counting in Blackjack. Both require practice and patience. To know more about bluffing techniques in poker, do visit our article on Bluffing in Poker.


Winning in Blackjack does not solely rely on luck; advanced strategies like card counting can potentially turn the tables in your favour. But remember, no strategy guarantees a sure win. It’s about playing smartly and making the most out of a statistically advantageous situation. Give your Blackjack game an edge by learning, practicing, and mastering the art of card counting, and let the cards tips the odds in your favour!